Canon VB-M641V


Keep every angle covered


Descripción general

  • High quality images day or night with 1.3 MP resolution
  • Superb low light performance and ultra wide coverage
  • Quick and easy installation with simple connections
  • Additional Intelligent Intruder and Scream detection
  • Enhanced bandwidth management and bit rate control

Características detalladas

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High quality images day or night with 1.3 MP resolution

The compact VB-M641V is an IK10 vandal-resistant Fixed Dome camera that effortlessly captures everything in high quality 1.3 MP images day or night. Designed for indoor installation in a wide range of environments it features a Super-UD lens that provides maximum IR support and true Day and Night switching.

Superb low light performance and ultra wide coverage

The wide aperture f/1.2-1.8 Super-UD lens with 2.4 x optical zoom delivers bright clear images even in low light environments, while the ultra wide 111.5° horizontal angle of view is ideal for monitoring wider areas. The IR Corrected lens not only provides clean sharp images day or night but also improves low light performance. Minimum subject illumination is 0.02 lux (colour) to 0.001lux (mono). Image enhancing Haze Compensation automatically adjusts the image contrast to bring hazy scenes in to clear view.

Quick and easy installation with simple connections

The VB-M641V offers reduced installation times and cost thanks to an improved PTRZ lens mechanism with increased shock and vibration resistance, which allows quick and easy remote set up of camera angles from a PC. The camera also includes support for Audio and Alarm inputs and outputs for greater versatility.

Enhanced bandwidth and bit rate control

Enjoy improved network bandwidth management and enhanced bit rate control thanks to optimised H.264 encoding and ADSR (Area-specific Data Size Reduction) technology. ASDR allows you to set the pre-configured image quality to 8 distinct areas within the field of view to lower the cameras H.264 bit rate.

Additional intelligent intruder and scream detection

The Industry leading range of inbuilt analytics functions, which can automatically alert operators to alarming situations and activate recording, has been enhanced with the addition of Intruder and Scream detection. Intruder Dete

Especificaciones técnicas

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Procesamiento de red eficiente

Digic DV III

Gestiona la calidad de imagen y el control

1.3 Mega Pixel

Imágenes de alta calidad


Protección antivandálica certificada

Auto DayNight

Filtro IR extraíble

Intelligent Function

Análisis de contenido de vídeo

Intrusion Detection

Protección por zonas

Scream Detection

Detección de sonido

Power over Ethernet

Alimentación a través de Ethernet (PoE)


Control adicional de ancho de banda

Linked Event

Alarmas condicionales


Grabación avanzada


Gestión múltiple de varias

  • Unidad principal de la VB-M641V
  • CD-ROM de instalación
  • Plancha de techo
  • Tornillos para fijación
  • Cable de seguridad y tornillo para fijación
  • Llave
  • Plantilla
  • Conector de alimentación
  • Cable de interfaz de audio
  • Guía de instalación
  • Tarjeta de garantía
  • Folleto de tarjeta de garantía
  • Embalaje

Calculadora de ángulo de visión (AOV)

Calculadora de espacio en disco necesario (RDS)

Simulador de diseño de cámara (CLS)