Canon FPA-3030i5+ Stepper

High-volume i-Line stepper for IoT1 and MEMS2 devices.

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Cropped front view of i-Line lithography model Canon FPA-3030i5+

104 wph

throughput speed

350 nm

image resolution quality


non-contact wafer stage


optical system and lens

Energy-efficient for environmentally conscious manufacturers

The Canon FPA-3030i5+ delivers long-term solutions for device manufacturers. Configured to support optional equipment, the stepper can accommodate specialist wafer materials, including silicon and sapphire.

Superior lens

Maintain 40 nm overlay accuracy, even with imaging resolution below 350nm.

Wide range

Wafer sizes range from 100mm to 200mm to meet precise productivity requirements.

Proven tech

Improved throughput thanks to modernised electrical control and focus systems.

Front view of i-Line lithograph model Canon FPA-3030i5+

Product Specifications

Wafer size

200 mm; 150 mm


≤ 350 nm

Exposure area

22 mm x 22 mm

Overlay accuracy

≤ 40 nm

Reticle size

6 in.

Reduction ratio



≥104 wafers per hour (200 mm)
≥120 wafers per hour (150 mm)

Full view of i-Line lithography machine Canon FPA-3030i5+
Develop your business’ environmental conscience with the Canon FPA-3030i5+

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1. IoT: Internet of Things
2. MEMS: An abbreviation of "Micro Electro Mechanical Systems" which are devices having micron-level mechanical structures such as collecting sensors and actuators that are integrated with electronic circuitry.